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Youth football offers much more than just the physicality and tactics of the game; it is a conduit through which young individuals learn invaluable life lessons that extend far beyond the boundaries of the field. Through the discipline of training, the camaraderie of teamwork, and the resilience required to face wins and losses, children develop a strong foundation of character, work ethic, and leadership skills. These attributes serve them well in all walks of life, teaching them about responsibility, respect for others, and the importance of striving towards their goals with determination and integrity. Youth football, therefore, is not just about the sport itself, but about molding young minds to approach life with confidence, preparedness, and a sense of community, guiding them on their journey to greatness in whatever path they choose to follow.

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Off-Season Training Options

As we enter this crucial time of the year for improvement, we want to emphasize the importance of off-season training. It's the perfect opportunity for our players to enhance their skills and readiness for the upcoming season.

The Edina Football Association (EFA) is committed to meeting our players where they are and providing a range of off-season training options. While we encourage our young athletes to participate in various sports, we also want to maintain a focus on football throughout the year.

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EFA Mailing Address

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