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The safety of our players, spectators and staff has always been at the forefront of what we do. 

Last Friday EFA in conjunction with LMAA met with MDH, MDH epidemiologist, Governors youth sports task force and MYAS (Minnesota Youth Athletic Service).  The topic was an in depth review of the Return to Play Guidelines, protocol, etc. we put together.

The outcome - We have been given the green light to proceed with the upcoming season and  play in game competition today for football.  MYAS is working with 80+ other metro youth football associations who are proceeding with their season as well. 

Our Season will begin on August 17th.  There will be modified game schedule this year.  6 games in total.  The first game will be during the week on either Tuesday Sept 1st or Thursday Sept 3rd.  The remaining 5 games will be played on Saturdays, with the potential of a few Friday night games. The season will conclude the weekend before MEA.

As outlined by MDH, the youth sport model differs significantly from that of  Minnesota State High School league for a variety of reasons i.e. smaller team sizes, no use of locker rooms, logistics are considerably different, such as no buses

Please find the full Return to Play Guidelines and Preparedness plan along with 2 reporting forms.  We will be briefing our head and assistant coaches on protocols in the very near future.  We will also be sending  follow up emails with more details.

Registration will close Sunday August 9th.  As final team counts need to be provided to LMAA, Monday 8/10.

If you wish to withdraw your registration, we will offer a full refund up until the close of registration Sunday August 9th.  After registration closes there will be no further refunds unless programming is forced to cancel or change based recommendations, direction from the MNDH.  We will then refund any difference or a prorated amount.

We would like to thank you for your patience and support during these unprecedented times and can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks.

Refund Requests Mark Jezierski

About the Flag Football Season

Season starts the first weekend after school starts.  We try to end the season around MEA (which is 10/15 this year).  Games are played on Saturdays at Highlands park.  With Labor day being later this year we have less weekends to MEA.  Because of this there will be a couple weeks with a weeknight game either on a Tuesday or Thursday (site TBD).

Practice will depend on coach of the team.  It is not mandatory for the league.  Typically teams may have one practice a week.  Many try to do this on the day of the game - before it starts

Why I Play Football - Be A Hornet



Refunds – We know it’s important that families have flexibility, especially with so much uncertainty.

  •  If programing is cancelled, we will provide a full refund.
  • If the program offering does change, we will refund any differences or the option of a full refund.

Scholarships- For years, we have partnered with the Connect Card to provide easy access to EFA scholarships for students in lower income homes and we will continue to do so. In light of economic challenges of COVID-19, we have increased our commitment to access for students with a donation and partnership with Edina Give and Go and the work they do to unlock opportunities for students throughout the year.

Edina Give and Go removes financial barriers for Edina Public Schools students looking to get involved in opportunities offered by Edina Football Association and beyond. If you or someone you know is looking for support for fees, gear, or training expenses, apply to Edina Give and Go today. Qualified students can access up to $500 during the school year and up to $500 in the summer. 

Submit your request or learn more at

We will huddle and play football again this fall.

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Welcome New Edina High School Varsity Coach Jason Potts

Dear EFA Families,

My name is Jason Potts and I have been named the new Head Football Coach at Edina High School. I am beyond excited to represent such an amazing community filled with many ingredients to lead a highly successful football program. The players, administration, staff and community members have been extremely welcoming. This experience has blown me away in the first week of getting things started. 

My goal is to be extremely visible in the Edina Football Association. I want to meet with coaches and provide everything I can. This will include playbooks, drills, strategies and techniques of football. In addition, I want to include strategies to make football safe and fun. I want players to have a great experience as a young athlete and play football all the way through their senior season. Teaching proper technique on how to tackle, block, and run with the football will help reduce injuries. In addition I will encourage coaches to be a relationship driven leader and use football as a teaching tool to learn life skills. At this level I want young players to have an amazing experience that prepares, and motivates them for the high school level of football. 

I want to attend EFA football games and practices and be visible. I also want EFA football players to attend all of our home varsity games and see what it's like to compete as a Edina Hornet. I am in the process of putting a summer schedule together, which will include youth football camps. The EFA is the future, and I want to invest, I look forward to meeting all of you. 

Thank you again for selecting me as the Head Football Coach at Edina. My family is very blessed to enter the Edina community! 


Jason Potts

EdinaFootball EdinaFootball EdinaFootball

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