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Camp / Off Season

Offseason Programs and Summer Camps


There are a variety of off season programs and training camps available to our athletes. Scroll down to view the programs and decide which program would be right for your football player. 

2016 Hornet Summer Camp:

Hornet Summer Camp: 

Hornet Camp will be running the weeks of July 18-21 and July 25-28 at Pamela Park. It is run by the Edina High School Football coaches and varsity players and focuses on the fundamentals of football. It is a great way to gear up for the football season starting in August!

Grades 3-5 (as of fall 2016): 5pm-6pm; shorts, t-shirts, cleats

Grades 6-8 (as of fall 2016): 6pm-7pm; helmets, shoulder pads, girdles

If your schedule doesn't permit your child to attend both weeks, you may register for either of the weeks by checking Week 1 or Week 2 in the registration section.

Summer Camps

Below are other local camps not affiliated with the EFA.

We know that families are on the lookout for additional summer camps. Here are a few local non-EFA camps:

Coach Claeys Gopher Football Youth Camp
Gopher Youth Football Camp
June 14-15th
Jr High: 
June 16-17th

MN Viking - Xavier Rhodes Football Camp
Xavier Rhodes Football Camp
June 21-24 at St. Thomas University

MN Viking - Kyle Rudolph/Teddy Bridgewater Football Camp
Kyle Rudolph Football Camp
July 18-19th at Hopkins HS