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Important Football Registration Information

Register for the fall season of football between April 30th and July 15th, 2013. 

Flag Football is for athletes entering grades 2 or 3 in the fall. The season runs from 9/11 until the end of October. The cost is $160. For the season price you receive:

  • Season registration
  • Flag t-shirt
  • Two days of off-season training for "Schools-Out" training camp

4/5 Tackle is for athletes entering 4th or 5th grade in the fall. The season runs 8/11 through the end of October. The cost is $330. 

6-8 Tackle is for athletes entering 6th-8th grades in the fall. These grades play int the Southwestern Metro League. This season runs 8/11 through the end of October. The cost is $375. 

Both of these leagues receive: 

  • Season registration
  • Spirit t-shirt
  • Game jersey
  • ImPact testing
  • Winter positioning training
  • Winter touch football


Hornet Football Coach helps launch mentor-reading program in Edina Public Schools

Most of us can recall our childhood role models. They represented greatness, gave us a picture of integrity, and in turn, inspired us to be our best selves. We encountered some of those people through close friendships, sports competition, watching TV or reading a book, but many times, it was an interaction in the classroom that provided the deepest impact. 

Earlier this school year, during the 2013 fall football season, Coach Reed Boltmann began thinking of ways his players could serve as role models for Edina Public Schools. With two kids enrolled in the district, Boltmann has witnessed firsthand the powerful impact high school leaders can have on younger students. 

“Growing up, my kids loved coming to games. And when the athletes said something, they were in awe and listened to everything they have to say,” Boltmann says. “When we have great leaders like we have for football captains, we should give back to our youth so they can aspire to be like them—to be great students, role models and leaders.”

With the help of sophomore and next-year captain Dan James and his mother, Creek Valley Kindergarten Teacher Julie James, Boltmann introduced a volunteer reading program on Jan. 12. Equipped with books, football jerseys and a positive message, six football captains read to Creek Valley 5th-graders from 11:45 a.m.-12:15 p.m. that day. Dan also made a special trip to his mother’s classroom to read to kindergartners (pictured right).

“The program kind of got aligned to 5th-graders, in order to make the greatest impact. Fifth grade is a major turning point in our students’ lives. It’s right before they move on to middle school and a great opportunity to get to their hearts and souls and let them know what it looks like to be an all-around good citizen,” Julie says.

(Reprinted from Edina Public Schools website)

Why Play Football?

Schwan's Cares Program

We have entered into a new fundraiser with Schwan’s Food Home Delivery Service.  Proceeds from this fundraiser will primarily go towards the following initiatives next season:

  • Expand Safety Programs (more access to IMPACT Concussion Baseline Testing and additional equipment to reduce practice contact)
  • Field Improvements and Repairs 


All we need from you is to… 

 Take a look at all the great food options that Schwan's offers and order food, and help us spread the word to buy fantastic Schwan's food beginning November 19th via our EFA fundraiser website.  

We are very thankful for Schwan's partnership and support of Edina Football Association - visit our campaign at:

The EFA - Schwan's Fundraiser Site or the Schwan's website and search ‘Edina Football’ or Campaign#: 2628 (both links available to the left). 

Please send the email and link to the EFA fundraiser website to your neighbors, to your friends, and to your extended family in the United States - every purchase supports Edina Football! Even existing customers can support the EFA if they use our website.    

Schwan's will donate a significant portion from any purchase from our website to the EFA over the next twelve months, and as an added bonus to the EFA, any purchases made between November 19th and January 3rd will be eligible for a higher donation percentage!  


Have Food Delivered and Support Edina Football!

Take a look at our latest fundraiser. 

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